14 Moving Hack for Small House or Office within Malaysia

Moving is not easy and really tiring! Often people with some extra budget would just hire movers & pass all the hassle job to them. Why waste money when there’s actually some simple moving hacks that you can follow perhaps save you a new sofa or a new upgrade on computer that you have been eyeing on?

Let’s read through!


01Prepare a checklist of items

Get your to do list on what to priorities, what to buy and whatever that is on your mind before moving.


02Get ready for all the boxes and wrapping item

Movers company do sell boxes & wrappers at a bargain price. Want to save more? Have a stop at your local supermarket, we pretty sure they have a lot of packaging boxes to be recycled. Somewhere example like Giant, Mydin, Tesco or even your nearby convenience store.


03Cleaning cloths

Prepare a bundle of these (cheap ones) to avoid last minute panic anxiety and wasting that kitchen towel that you bought at H&M Home. Use unused clean clothes to clean some your items that are dusty or dirty over the years before packing it. This is so that you can unpack it clean and nice into your new home.


04Use your cloth as padding

Get some of your clothes (e.g sweater, shocks or even shawls) to cover fragile items during your packing. This not only saves money from buying bubble wraps but you’re also packing 2 things at the same time (your fragile item and clothing too)


05Wrap hanger cloths with a large plastic bag

Instead of folding your ironed cloths, try to cover it with plastic bag. This helps to reduce time packing and you can hook it immediate at your new wardrobe.


06Use what you already have for storage

During moving, utilize some of your current item such as shoe box, travelling luggage bag or pail. By using these items, you can save more money and avoid wastage.


07Roll your cloths

Have you watch any travelling hacks? By rolling your clothes, it will maximize each storing space u have & you can store more clothes.


08Colour code your boxes

Make different colors for different parts of the new home/office. Eg, pink for hall and blue for master bedroom. This saves you time during unpacking.


09Plastics bag as pads or covers

Not all items need to be wrap with bubble wraps. Try using plastic bags instead.


10Take Photo before moving

Human mind can never remember every single thing no matter how we claim ourselves to be. Take photo, so we know exactly where and what items we have once items has been shipped.


11Sort your screws and label it

This tiny bit will be a disaster if we don’t plan it well. You will end up with a chair without a leg or even a glass cabinet without a glass.
After dismantling your furnitures/electrical items, sort your screws according in a small plastic and label it eg (dining chairs). Same goes to wires. In addition, take a photo as well.


12Toilet roll holder

Use emptied toilet roller to store your loose or small items such as neckless, ear rings, rings, or small make-up kits. This so that you can easily take it out during unpacking.


13Clear out (throw it away)

Yes, take this moving as an opportunity to declutter! Throw away things you don’t need. Have a garage sale or donate.


14Use a string inside your tape

Put a string inside your tape while sealing the box or other items. This helps to remove the tape easily during unpacking. Avoid using knife or sharp objects to cut the tape, as it may damage some of the items inside while cutting.

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