15 Types Of Commercial Transport Vehicles In Malaysia Roads

Most commercial transportation vehicles in Malaysia are mainly used for logistic purposes. What is logistic to you? Logistic in general is a part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient and smooth flow and storage of goods, services and related information to meet customers’ requirements, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Transportation for logistic on land is not just about one type of van and one type of lorry. Did you know that only a certain class of lorry can carry a certain class of goods? Let us take a look into the general classes and types of Land Logistic Transport.


1. Light-duty 4x4 pick-up truck

Usage mainly to transport small cargo and can also be used to carry light material on off-road or construction site.


2. Light commercial van (also known as panel van)

Usage mainly to transport small or light cargos, its faster to travel as compared to lorries.There are several types of commercial vans such as the passenger vans – carry passenger instead of cargo and Semi panel van – cargo space is shared between passenger and cargo.


3. Box Lorry (also known as “Lorry Kotak”)

Usage to transport goods that requires protection or small loose items that can be easy move around. The box type of lorries is commonly use all over the world. There are many sizes available from 1 tonnes up to 40ft trailer.


4. Refrigerated Lorry (also known as “Lorry Ais”)

Usage is mainly to transport frozen items mainly food or product that requires temperature control (e.g. cosmetic product and etc).

There are many types of refrigerated lorries, where small lorries usually are those rigid type, however larger lorries usually via a container refrigerated.


Wooden Cargo with Steel Railing or Open Cargo Lorry (also known as “Lorry Berpagar”) (Type C1)

Wooden Cargo Lorry (also known as “Lorry Tanpa Pagar”) (Type C2)

Canvas Lorry – covers wooden with steel railing cargo (also known as “Lorry Canvas”) (Type C3)


5. Lorry Type C1, C2, C3

A very versatile transport vehicle and commonly used in Malaysia (mainly by small or independent operators). This type of lorry can transport different types of cargo. In addition, it can change into type C1 or C2 or even C3.

Types of size available: Many sizes are available from 1 Tonnes up to 40ft trailer.


6. Side Curtain Lorry

The main advantage of this type of lorry is the ability to load and unload faster because the side compartment can be opened easily like a curtain.
Types of size available: Many sizes are available from 1 Tonnes up to 40ft trailer. 


7. Open Cargo Lorry with Crane (also known as “Lorry Crane”)

The usage is mainly to transport heavy or construction material at site easily. With the crane built-in, lorry can load and unload items immediately. Items that can be transported are such as e.g. bricks, cement bags and etc.

Many types of lorry crane avaible, ranging from 5 Tonne to 20 Tonne rigid lorries capacity with crane built-in carrying payload from 500kg up to 5 Tonne.


8. Low Loader Trailer or Flatbed Lorry

This type of trailer has very specific usages, it can transport many bulky item (e.g septic tank or etc), huge vehicle (e.g. crane, lorry hantu and etc) or military equipment.

The trailer type usually range from the length of 40ftt up to 55ft, which can carry capacity of between 10 to 30 tonnes. However, the rigid types are usually larger (more than 8 Tonne).


9. Container Lorry

This type of trailer can only transport container, it is either a 20ft container or 40ft container in length. It is commonly seen in ports or warehouse.


Flatbed Tow Truck - Type T1

Hook and Chain Tow Trucks - Type T2


10. Tow truck

This is a truck that rescues you during emergency. They can tow cars, van, lorries and many type of vehicles.

It has 2 distinguished types of tow truck, first is the type that pulls (type T2) and secondly is the type that carries (type T1).


Type D1 – Registered Dump Truck

Type D2 – Unregister Dump truck (also known as Lorry Hantu)


11. Dump Truck (or Tipper)

This type of truck is used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste) for construction or other activities.

However, the difference between Type D1 and D2 is mainly registered and unregistered vehicle in Malaysian road.


12. Refuse Truck (also known as Garbage Truck or “Lorry Sampah”)

This truck does one thing and one thing only, collecting garbage from one places to another. There are different sizes but the commonly use is the 20-tonne payload lorry.


13. Tanker Trailer

Popularly used by oil companies to transport fuel to the entire petrol stations and other commercial locations. There are several sizes of tanker, some are rigid and tanker like.


14. Cement Mixer Truck

Comes only in one single type and all it does is mixing cements with other materials. It transports items to construction sites accordingly.


15. Multipurpose Truck (this is like the “Swiss Knife of lorries”)

This is an off-road capable lorry that can be converted into many types of application. For a camping truck to rail-road truck (shown in the image) to farm truck and many more.


Unfortunately, this hunk is yet to enter Malaysian market. We are looking forward!


16. Road Train

The name tells it all, it’s a train for the road usage. It can haul many trailers at a single trip, and is usually used to transport mining or plantation products. Can be found commonly in the USA and Australia.



So, which of the commercial and heavy vehicles you have never heard of before?

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