Pre and Post Marriage Cost Saving Tips

Just married?

A wedding might cause both of you some financial stress as we know that a lot of money is needed to organize a wedding, not the marriage!
For that let us share with you some of the cost saving tips Pre & Post Marriage that might give u a sigh of relief.

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TOP 9 4x4 Pick-up and TOP 7 Panel Vans Trucks in Malaysia

If you like driving to earn money but don’t like ferrying people, we may have just the thing for you.

This is not an ads for E-Hailing asking you to pick up anyone. But instead this for readers out there that prefers carrying cargos rather than people.

It is time for us to say that having a vehicle is simply an asset never a liability. It is a necessity and we are flooded with choices of vehicles in the market. So happen, do you own a 4x4 pick up trucks? OR Panel van?

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14 Moving Hack for Small House or Office within Malaysia

Moving is not easy and really tiring! Often people with some extra budget would just hire movers & pass all the hassle job to them. Why waste money when there’s actually some simple moving hacks that you can follow perhaps save you a new sofa or a new upgrade on computer that you have been eyeing on?

Let’s read through!

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15 Types Of Commercial Transport Vehicles In Malaysia Roads

Most commercial transportation vehicles in Malaysia are mainly used for logistic purposes. What is logistic to you? Logistic in general is a part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient and smooth flow and storage of goods, services and related information to meet customers’ requirements, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

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An online logistics aggregator that allows transporters and customers to meet for the shipment of goods

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